By adding in-office post care products to your menu of services, you enhance the patient's overall experience.

Increase profit potential, nurture long term relationships that yield more business and bolster practice growth. While your patients will appreciate the convenience of getting the products they need at your office.

Our Products: Prevascar BruiseFader ScarLight

We offer you more than just solutions to scars, bruises, and dark spots. Prevascar, Bruise Fader and ScarLight are valuable resources in your reserve. Empower your patients with the most effective at home treatments for scarring, bruising and dark spots.

Bundle Prevascar, Bruise Fader, and ScarLight

with procedures and treatments. This allows you to create additional profit potential for all the services you provide, while offering your patients the best professional post-care products targeted to their specific concerns.


Prevascar's Revolutionary Clear Brush On Liquid

What makes Prevascar's nano-patch formula so effective is the direct delivery method continuously treats the scar with silicone, hydrocortisone and vitamin E. The patented polymers adhere to the scar forming an invisible, protective layer that's waterproof yet breathable.

Bruise Fader

Bruise Fader's advanced formula, works quickly to reduce bruising after surgery, injectables, or injuries. Featuring natural ingredients like Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Vitamins C,E, and K. Bruise Fader's patented IP6 quickly clears stubborn hemosiderin staining, unlike anything else. Nothing fades bruising faster.

ScarLight Advanced Dark Spot Corrector

ScarLight is a cutting edge topical serum clinically shown to fade troublesome skin discolorations such as age spots, freckles, dark scars, melasma and alleviate under eye darkness. With ScarLight's potent botanical brighteners and corrective lighteners your patients can say good-bye to uneven skin tone.


Achieve Optimal Results Up To 4x Faster

Silicone sheeting has been used in scar therapy for decades. But for it to achieve optimum results it must be worn continuously for 6-12 months. Prevascar works up to 4x faster. Our patented nano-patch formula is powerful enough to shrink old scars and has been clinically shown to help prevent new scar formation when used after stitches are removed from surgery or injury.

Bruise Fader

Nothing Fades Bruising Faster

Bruise Fader was developed by a plastic surgeon that realized there was no effective treatment to help fade bruising after cosmetic injections, surgery and accidents. Until now. Bruise Fader harnesses the power of natural ingredients to quickly eliminate bruising and shorten the healing time.


Advanced Dark Spot Corrector

ScarLight is the culmination of research on the most effective topical skin brightening ingredients available without a prescription. Key elements like Arbutin not only work to reverse dark spots but also prevents them from forming in the first place. Kojic Acid works well on its own, but paired with our formulation of proprietary ingredients, ScarLight is literally a skin lightening powerhouse.